CPF Releases Universal Homes “Accessibility is Beautiful” Video Finale

NEW YORK – May 31, 2019 – PRLog — The Cerebral Palsy Foundation released a special two-segment video finale today highlighting an absolutely stunning dream home – Casa Cabo Pulmo, located on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. Although the beautiful seaside location can’t be beat, what makes this home a dream is that it’s based on universal design, meaning it’s accessible and inclusive for everyone. This newest video is the concluding episode of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s Accessibility is Beautiful initiative, generously supported by CHUBB.

Architect, Cathi House of House + House Architects http://www.houseandhouse.com incorporates the principles of “Universal Design” to the degree possible in every project, explaining, “To have the opportunity to design a home for Pat Wright and Deb Zeyen was an extraordinary experience – not only to create a comfortable environment for clients whose lives are rich in friends with special needs, but to work with a disability rights activist whose efforts in creating positive change stretches around the world. We appreciate the Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s efforts to bring this concept to the forefront of design thought.”

You can view the newest two-part video finale in the miniseries here https://www.yourcpf.org/accessibilityisbeautiful/

Homeowner, Pat Wright adds, “As the population of the world ages, the need for accessible housing design should not be thought of as a frill, but rather as an important requirement. Designing a home incorporating thoughtful accessibility enables homeowners to age in place. Our beautiful home demonstrates that accessibility does not have to look medical, and can be art.”

Adds homeowner Deb Zeyen, “Our ramp is an eye-pleasing, artistic part of our home, providing shape to our yard and offering a beautiful view from the downstairs window. We use it every day to roll groceries and supplies up to the second level of the house. We love it!”

This YouTube miniseries, developed by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, follows designer and HGTV host, John Gidding, as he explores a range of incredible architect-designed homes that follow the principles of Universal Design. Whether built in a remote, seaside beach town in Mexico, a gritty downtown urban location, or the beautiful suburbs of Seattle, these stunning homes meet the requirements of their owners’ specific needs, and are truly accessible for everyone. The video miniseries showcases how these residences are both beautiful works of architecture, as well as well-functioning homes.

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation also developed a 40+ page Accessibility is Beautiful “Look Book” accompanying the YouTube video miniseries, developed by experts in Universal Design https://www.yourcpf.org/accessibilityisbeautiful/.

“What is most exciting about our Accessibility is Beautiful initiative is that Universal Design works for everyone, no matter what their situation, age or physical abilities. Beautiful design and accessibility are not mutually exclusive,” explains Rachel Byrne, Vice President of Programs for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Photo Credit: House + House Architects