Understanding Health Assessments

As we watch the last episode of Speechless, Season One, it’s obvious that we have been given a rare and beautiful gift – an incredible look at what it means to live a life with CP. Both for the person and for the family.

We hope you feel the same way about our expert videos – which now comprise a library of 45 videos, dealing with critical issues across a broad spectrum. If you want to get a full sense of this information, you can see the entire library here.

For this last week, we turn to two more of our valued friends in the medical community to give us a sense of how to better understand the needs around CP: from the earliest moments, to the growing child. Dr. Andrea Guzzetta discusses General Movement Assessments, which allows us to detect the potential for developmental delay in a baby as young as three months. And Dr. Josh Hyman, who can help you understand x-rays that your child might need.

It has been a glorious season. All our love to our friends at Speechless. And to all our CPF families and friends.

Come back next week, when we’ll share our final thoughts on what this year has been like for us, some friends, and our ambassador, Micah Fowler.