Annual Benefit Gala


Join us for a night of celebration, inclusion and innovation!

Monday, Oct 28th, 2019
6:30- 10:00 pm
West Edge
88 10th Ave

Join CPF as we celebrate both new and old partnerships that are accomplishing our goals in the areas of health, education, advocacy, design and technology.

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation is a catalyst for creating new possibilities for people with cerebral palsy. From our work improving earlier detection and diagnosis of CP, to our work promoting inclusion in the schools, and informing, connecting, and empowering parents and families – CPF is making a difference to improve lives every single day.

CPF’s networks of change form “research institutions without walls”. These networks are designed to identify big problems and connect together highly talented individuals and partners from a variety of disciplines, industries and perspectives.

This year we have seen our work lower the age of detection of cerebral palsy in multiple medical institutions across the U.S., evolve the way inclusion is implemented in schools, and transform healthcare for women with disabilities. Through our social media growth and community engagement, we are increasing understanding and acceptance of cerebral palsy with more than 120,000 followers and more than 75 million video views.

This event is particularly exciting as we showcase a new collaboration between Baekgaard USA, the FIT Master of Fine Arts Program and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Under the mentorship of Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, Hélène Kaufman and Jonathan KYLE Farmer, three students in the FIT Master of Fine Arts Program have designed a line of beautiful, accessible accessories – bags, wallets, and other innovative items – universally designed to empower all of us. Together we are launching a limited edition collection of accessories under the D4D label.

Be there to witness the introduction of this game-changer for people with disabilities – and anyone who loves fashion and innovation.

Help support the work and vision that is creating new possibilities in the world.


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