Magnolia Suburbs

Episode 2 – Family Time in the Suburbs

Karen Braitmayer is an award winning architect and expert on universal design. She teamed up with architect Carol Sundstrom to bring the vision of her own home to life with truly remarkable results. Not only is this home beautiful, but it includes a wide variety of accessible features.

Location – Magnolia, Seattle

Homeowner – Karen Braitmayer

Architect – Carol Sundstrom, röm architecture studio


“This project was a great opportunity to collaborate with another architect and accessibility consultant, Karen Braitmayer, on her own home. Since we both speak the language of design, we were able to quickly brainstorm and troubleshoot solutions that would work for her family’s needs, and also provide inspiration for others.”
– Carol Sundstrom, röm architecture studio


“After 13 years of living in a home that required us to expend extra energy just to do daily tasks, we discovered the ease and freedom of having a warm and inviting family home that is accessible, personalized and beautiful.”
– Karen Braitmayer, homeowner