Yogibo; the most supportive beanbag pillow!

Yogibo is a versatile beanbag that works perfectly for individuals that cannot sit independently.

The Yogibo is the most popular bean bag pillow that comes in all shapes and sizes. It molds to fit and support one’s body type and can be easily transported. For those cerebral palsy patients who are not able to sit up independently and/or comfortably, the trendiest bean bag seat will work perfectly to fit and support different body types and restrictions!

The Yogibo is also unbelievably comfortable for those trying to perform a task, while sofas pose some difficult barriers for positioning. This bean-bag type pillow provides fantastic support whether or not you’re laying, sitting, or curled up.

Although it’s in the familiar bean bag style, the material that Yogibo is made up of conforms to your body much better than your average squishy bean-bag and will hold the position that forms to you. Additionally, it has a washable cover and some also have outdoor covers available.

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