YakTrax Traction Aid

Walking in the snow is hard for anyone, but it’s especially difficult if you have CP. The uneven ground can throw you off balance, the snow makes it difficult to gauge depth correctly, and the cold can make your muscles feel tense and lock up. Snow is also very slippery, making you far more likely to trip than you otherwise normally would.

YakTrax helps you walk on snow and ice by adding some traction to your shoes. It attaches to the bottom of your shoes and allows you to walk much more easily on slippery surfaces.

YakTrax are also removable, so when you’re out of the snow you can take them off and walk as you normally would. It takes less than a minute to put YakTrax on your shoes and for the most part they stay on without issue. Since these traction aids are attached to the bottom of your shoes, depending on your gait pattern, they may fall off with excessive foot drag.

If you have CP, traction aids are something that is essential for winter. And at only $20 a pair, it’s very affordable.

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