Veyo Mittyz Winter Gloves

Parents who have small children with cerebral palsy know that winter comes with a new set of challenges for both you and your child. Bundling up for the cold weather means sacrificing a small amount of dexterity with each layer. One of the biggest challenges in winter is dealing with gloves.

Designed for children from 6 months through 5+ in mind, Veyo Mittyz are unique in their design because they lack a thumbhole. This allows them to slip easily onto any hand with minimal effort. There’s ample room in the top area for hands to open, close, and bend easily. This means that the glove will still be comfortable for children with spasticity in their hands.

To keep from falling off, they have a buckle for tightening, as well as a fastener at the base. They come in a variety of designs that are kid-friendly, such as tiger paws, butterflies, and snowflakes. Downsides include their price-they are on the pricy side, at $39.95 plus shipping. Finally, they don’t come in adult sizes- gloves that are this fun and well made should be available in all sizes.

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