iPad Case: Gripcase

Get a Grip! iPads are everywhere today. They’re practical and powerful. They’re light, thin and super sleek. That last part, however, isn’t always so great for people with CP and other disabilities.

The Gripcase is one of the great options for a case out there for people with cerebral palsy who may have trouble gripping onto things or prone to dropping them.

The Gripcase comes in many different colors and sizes to fit any iPad. It’s made of shock absorbent foam that helps prevent damage to the iPad when dropped. The entire edge is one large handle, so you can hold it any way that feels comfortable.

Cases like the Gripcase work for everyone… but they’re especially good for a person who uses the iPad for a speech device, when your iPad isn’t simply a tool, but almost an extension of yourself.

Keep your iPad protected with a Gripcase!

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