Accomable: Making Housing Accessible

Accomable is an accommodations website that aims to to help people with disabilities find accessible housing online. Made by two men with disabilities, they were frustrated by a lack of information on accessible lodging on the internet.

Accomable lists things that people look for in terms of accessibility, and whether or not a certain property has them. Things such as “step-free access to a bathroom” can make a huge difference for people with limited mobility. Other attributes include:

  • Number of bedrooms that have step-free access
  • Step-free access to property
  • Step-free access to a bedroom
  • Roll in shower
  • Grab rails in the bathroom
  • Facilities for individuals with a visual impairment
  • Facilities for individuals with a hearing impairment

Accomable currently has over 100 properties listed, and is hoping to make a larger presence in the United States. Next time you go on vacation, maybe you’ll consider putting your property on Accomable.

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