Casa Cabo Pulmo

Episode 3 – Off the Grid in Mexico

Location – Cabo Pulmo, Baja Mexico

Homeowners – Pat Wright and Deb Zeyen

John Gidding travels to Cabo Pulmo to tour a home that is completely off the grid. Episode 3 features Pat Wright and Deb Zeyen’s absolutely stunning dream home – Casa Cabo Pulmo located on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. Although the location can’t be beat, what makes this home a dream is that it’s based on universal design, meaning it’s accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Episode 3 Part 2 – Architectural Features

Architects – Cathi and Steven House, House+House Architects

The challenge presented to Cathi House from House+House Architects, was to create a home that was truly accessible for everyone including the homeowners who required access for friends in wheelchairs as well as adaptability as they age. This home was designed with intimate connections to nature all around, with easy access from every space to gardens at the lower level and terraces above, where everyone can enjoy both the drama of this magnificent setting and the seclusion of a hidden oasis. In addition to its accessible features, this home was designed to be ‘green’ and completely self sustainable.

As the population of the world ages, the need for accessible housing design should not be thought of as a frill, but considered a fact. Designing a home integrating access should not be a second thought – it enables the owner to age in place.

-Pat Wright, homeowner