School Skills

Every parent wonders how their child is doing in school. Are they making friends? Are they studying? Are they learning?

There’s rarely an easy answer. It’s rarer still in the world of disabilities. Students with CP and similar conditions often rely on many supports and services. From scanned materials, to augmentative communication, to paraprofessionals who sit beside kids and transcribe answers for tests. It’s no wonder that grades of kids with disabilities don’t always reflect their true abilities.

If you’re a parent of a child with disabilities, you’ll instantly relate to this week’s episode of Speechless, where Kenneth’s support of JJ goes a bit too far when he asks “JJ, is the answer A, or B, or, get ready, how about this one: Ceeeeeeee?” It’s a fabulously funny moment. Yet it’s an honest look at the real complexities around finding the right amount of support in the classroom.

We’re thrilled this week that our classroom has two super thoughtful experts, Kirk Behnke and Craig Bugaj, who explore how to find the right level of guidance and intervention – in everything from communication to taking tests.