Gillette TREO™, An Assisted Shaving Razor to make Shaving Easier

There have been over 4,000 razors designed for shaving yourself. None have been specifically designed to shave someone else – until now. At last! Here is a razor designed with the needs of caregivers and our community in mind.

Gillette TREO™ is the first razor specifically designed to shave someone else. Shaving can be a daunting process for many in a caregiving situation, and a product like TREO offers a more comfortable and dignified shaving experience for those who cannot shave themselves. For those living with cerebral palsy and cannot shave themselves due to difficulty grasping a razor handle, bending down to shave their legs, or have limited mobility in their arms, wrists and elbows, the TREO razor is a great tool to make the shaving experience easier and more comfortable.

Created with caregivers, for caregivers, TREO is an all-in-one razor with three unique design elements:

1. The Gillette blade includes a safety comb designed to prevent nicks and cuts. The comb’s innovative open design also prevents clogging and doesn’t require you to rinse the razor while shaving, which provides added convenience.

2. The unique handle design and pivot provides comfort and control for caregivers and those being cared for, allowing the caregiver to hold the razor like a painter would hold their paintbrush.

3. The special non-foaming built-in shave gel hydrates the hair and lubricates the skin for a comfortable, mess-free shave. Combined with the anti-clogging features of the blade, this means that there’s less of a need to rinse and no need for the shave to take place at a sink. This means you can receive a shave in any location – wherever is most comfortable and convenient. The gel also doubles as an aftershave.

Gillette TREO for the win!

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