Speechless is back!

CPF has been so lucky to have had such a close relationship with the cast and creators of Speechless from Day One. They have entertained us, informed us, and inspired us.

Our very first comment, even before the show ran was – “Finally, someone is doing a TV show about disabilities. And thankfully it’s in the right format: a sitcom.”

But, of course, learning to laugh at the lives of a family with higher highs, lower lows, and more than its fair share of challenge…. well, that’s no simple task.

It’s been a joy to watch Speechless grow into its own skin over these first two years: and dive into its third year with an even greater commitment to exploring the complexities of our world and to confronting issues that don’t really have easy answers.

In Season three, the DiMeo family again brings its unique off-kilter brand of perseverance to issues all of our families face every day. Yes: Speechless has gotten even deeper, richer, more funny, and more fun. All good art reminds us of what’s important in our own particular lives: it’s just that there isn’t enough good art about disabilities. And so how can we not appreciate everything about this wonderful show.

Welcome back DiMeos! Welcome back to our friends: our infinitely generous Ambassador Micah Fowler. And also Kyla, Mason, Jon Ross and, of course, Minnie. To Scott, Chris, the crew and the writers (including our other Ambassador Zach Anner!). And, of course to ALL the Fowlers! And a special call out to tonight’s guest star – John Cleese!

Thanks to all for finding yet more new ways for us all to smile, comment, and shine a light on our world and, most of all, our communities love and many joys. We’re so glad we met you.

And –  speaking of meeting people, we hope any parent of a child with CP will enjoy the following video. In it, Dr. Ros Boyd, one of our field’s great leaders, shares a snapshot of another group of people in our world: the many important professionals who are likely to be in the lives of a family with CP.

From all of us at CPF, Happy Friday. In fact, a very happy Friday. Because Speechless is back!