Gaining Independence

Everyone feels like an outsider sometimes. We all have triggers which rile us up every time we hear that same…. thing…. about…. ourselves. Everyone has moments when they just want to get away from the people who don’t understand them – and only stop running if they find that world where they fit in.

And, yes, these things are also harder in the world of disabilities.

Getting someone to see you for the person you are and to look past things which feel dissimilar should be so easy, but if we are honest with ourselves, it’s not.

In this episode of Speechless, JJ finds himself in an iconic moment: Prom Night. With usual bravery, Speechless shares how tough and confusing these moments can be. It also shares the hopes which all of us will always chase after.

To help in that chase, CPF introduces you to two new friends: Dr. Heakyung Kim, who talks about social and medical issues around drooling, and Dan Herlihy, who talks about finding the things you love to do.

Enjoy tonight’s fantastic and poignant episode, P-P-PROM NIGHT. And, of course, save your last dance for CPF.