Breaking Down Surgery

Parents are protective. That’s their job. So what happens when your child needs surgery? Not just once, but over and over again. Parents certainly understand the need, each and every time, but it sure doesn’t make the moment any easier.

Imagine knowing you can’t fully protect your child. Imagine the difficult decisions you need to make. Imagine the strength needed to keep going on and always being there.

That’s what this week’s Speechless episode is all about. The DiMeo family, as JJ gets surgery. This moment is something many people in the disabilities community know too much about.

However, there are parts of surgery we should know more about. So this week CPF introduces you to two of our close friends: Drs. Roye and Hyman. Both are orthopedic surgeons, who can explain some of the intricacies of hip and back surgery – in language we can all understand. Surgery never ever gets any easier, but understanding the process can help.